Introduction to my Zen

Hello. As you can see, there's a cat. So we're off to a good start.

Let's talk about Zen. And also  puppies. Because I like puppies. And I like Zen. So naturally I'm going to talk about both of them at the same time.

>Nansen saw the monks of the eastern and western halls fighting over a cat. He seized the cat and told the monks: `If any of you say a good word, you can save the cat.'

>No one answered. So Nansen boldly cut the cat in two pieces.

Because that's what people do. That's how thought works.

You eat food. Break it down. Goes into the brain. Out comes puppy zen thoughts and farts and carbon dioxide and stuff.

What is Zen?

As the famous, guy from that movie, The Matrix Reloaded once said.

"Love(sic) is a word. "

I assume he meant Zen and just misspoke.

So we're here to talk about a word. Also puppies.

Puppies generally sometimes have fur. And also maybe not fur if they don't.

Some people like to sit.

Puppies also like to sit.

Are these two phenomenon related?

Some people call sitting "Zen", but do they call puppies sitting Zen?

This is a Zen Mystery that I have yet to ... discover? Solve? Destroy?

Whatever you do with mysteries.

Some people turn them into vans and drive them around.

I have yet to achieve that level of zen.

Maybe if I sit down more?

I would love to hear everyone's thoughts on this.

Because that's how thoughts work.


  1. Hey look! I can comment as myself here!

    Isn't that amazing?

    Would a zen practitioner do something like this?

    I think so.


    U MADE A BLOG!!! πŸ˜‡ πŸ˜‡ πŸ˜‡ πŸ˜‡ πŸ˜‡


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